Tuesday, 24 January 2012

That Awesome First Impression...

Hello to one and all.
Here it is; after years of thinking and wanting, I have finally grown a pair and decided to start a blog. Not sure who'll read this, but hi to you :) hopefully there'll be something that'll make you giggle.

Ahhhh, first paragraph done. I will most likely ramble, so feel free to skim over parts. I'm not sure what this will essentially about, but probably will turn into a bible of what nots to do to be socially acceptable.

So here it is.

A question for anyone to answer: is it just me who finds flirting ridiculous and hard?

There's a person who works in the coffee shop where I get the train, and whenever I go in there (almost daily) to get a drink, and I always try to be fun, well posed and happy...and the result is I say the first thing on my mind, which is 99% of the time absolute bollocks. No joke. For example, I have said "which would you say is better, the croissant or the pain au chocolate?" which doesn't seem too bad. it was then followed by "if it isn't good, I'm blaming you!" (manic smile, turn round quickly and spill tea on myself, resulting in girlish scream.)


What is wrong with me? I just can't seem to stop myself. I see the hear the words coming out of my mouth, and the whole time my inner voice is screaming "shutuoshutupshutupshutup!!"

So as I feel my chances of being busy on the approaching Valentine's Day are slim to none, it leaves me with the opportunity of actually doing something I want. Perhaps going to the cinema by myself and watching something I'd like, or going with friends to a bar and commenting loudly on how disgusting some couples are (personal favourite).

If anyone does by chance read this and is also in the conundrum of being single also, what're your plans? Are you hibernating for a day with your lover's Ben and Jerry? Or braving the sympathetic looks of 'poor single person' which is likened to being severely disabled.

So there we go. I think soon will be something on clothes, as they are almost as good a love as mine to food. Until then, be happy.


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