Sunday, 29 January 2012

The New New Beginning...

Hello lovely little reader-y people, I come to you from my lovely warm bed of nerdy joy, listening to a Radio 4 comedy show (Cabin Pressure, if you're interested) with Doris (my stuffed rabbit) and feeling so cool it may hurt.

So, my subject of today's rant, I mean blog, is New Year's Resolutions, otherwise known henceforth as NYR's. My question is; has ANYONE kept theirs? As there's 2 days left in January I thought I'd ask this, as mine took a serious detour last week. I wasn't asking much of myself like last year (re: SORT LIFE OUT), and simply put to myself...

                                            GET ORGANISED! 

That basically encompasses everything in my life, as I'm always either 40minutes early or an hour late, can't stick to a diet, forget something almost every time I leave the house, forget to do my flys up after having a get the image. So I thought this was a nifty little NYR, hit all nails on the head in one foul swoop and be a brand new me for 2012, just as the world supposedly ends. hmn.

See, I'm amazing at keeping other people on track, reminding them of appointments, making sure they've got everything, not eating carbs...just with me it just doesn't work out.

And I really tried. Honestly and truly tried so hard to be good. Watched what I ate, did at least an exercise class a week, KEPT A DIARY. It was amazing. I was so smug with myself that anyone coming near me would instantly turn around thinking "I simply cannot contend with his organisational abilities" and run away quickly, possibly weeping too. I wrote down meetings and my work shifts, when my Zumba and Just Jhoom classes were (if you have no clue what I'm talking about, that's what Google was invented for) and even what I was having for dinner each night. 

Then I hit a small snag; my friend cancelled on me. No biggy, I simply drew a line through the appointment. Then I forgot to write one down, and royally pissed off an ex-tutor and possible employer by not turning up for our coffee (on the plus side, she's a babe and forgave me :)) and one thing lead to another and now I'm back exactly where I was; no idea what's going on, eating anything I can as I've no idea where or when my next meal is going to be, and generally being a bit poo.

So this is my declaration (oh, get me on the big words for a Sunday night blog!): I WILL START A-NEW.
January's a crap month to make NYR's. It's cold and dark and wet, no one wants to do anything because we're all poor and even if you say you'll do something you cancel or forget as it's cold and boring. February, (minus small V-day related singleness issues) is a much better month. Traditionally it starts to be less horrible than January, and plus my birthday is a month closer, which is and will always be a valid reason. 

I will rise anew from the ashes of January's half-assed attempt to be organised, with my biro and diary at my side and a smile on my face. So there.

How're you doing with your NYR's? Is failure or success calling at your door?
Let me know, and have a lovely week ahead.

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  1. Yes Ryan! This made me laugh. :)

    My new years resolutions are going well! They were to get fit and healthy (which so far is going rather well :) and to pull my head out my arse and start work on making a future for myself. Which atm with the artist stuff is going well too!

    February resolutions sound like a fab idea!

    Best of luck x